Active runway assignment logic

Hello, As I understand it right, today active runway assigned by ATC according
to wind direction and if wind is variable, then closest to parking spot. As a
result many airports in game use wrong runways for takeoffs and landings
comparing to their real life counterparts. E.g. my home airport LLBG is
normally uses rwy 26 for takeoffs and 12 for landings, in sim it just never
uses rwy26 at all, because it the farthest rwy from terminal and there are
closer alternative rwys for ATC to choose. Since many airports have written
preferences and rules for takeoff and landing runways assignment in charts,
it’s probably will be better to add variables for wind direction/speed, time,
takeoff\landing only etc for every specific runway, so those rules and
preferences can be added straight to airport scenery files and ATC will base
it’s assignment logic only on those rules and if there are no rules for
specific airport (e.g. default airports) ATC will use today logic of wind
direction and closest to parking spot. This logic can be developed even
further with adding ability for intersection takeoffs and maybe more.
@FlyingRaccoon @Yoanito @Boris_