Add a density setting

Hello, Please Asobo add an density setting , this is a basic in flight
simulation. Like this on every objet we can choose a FS quality linked
settings. If we want that it is activated when we set FS to Ultra , very high,
high, normal etc… The function is already in the object xml code into
“verysparse” position But when i change to “extremely dense” or “Dense” in the
code it don’t change anything. It must be linked to FS quality settings
normally IF you added “verysparse” i suppose the rest and like since 20 years
-VerySparse -Sparse -Normal -Dense -VeryDense -ExtremelyDense This is a must
have really more effective that LODs but in addition it is really great. Like
this, a small system can deal with a big scenery and a powerfull system can
enjoy lot of more details. Many thanks in advance for an answer and help on it
. Please devs , answer or add a like or add it into the wish list , we need it
! Kind regards