Add a tool / polygon to control snow

(this one was posted in previous Q&A; but didn’t get attention) We still
heavily Need a tool to control snow accumulation Somethig like a special apron
with a greyscale texture. The “color” of the special apron must not be
visible, but the snow shader should “subtract” that from the snow layer (i’m
not a shader guy but think should be Easy) Another thing about the snow layer,
with 60 or more degrees slope snow Is unlikely to attach (vertical rocks,
crags etc) Also, with the current snow shader, roads appear to have snow on
them while the surroundig doesn’t (when melting Is going on) should be

Back again in topic, It Is winter time again, and our wonderful handcrafted
airports are again covered with unlikely-to-be-there snow Any news on this?

Struggling with the same problem… Only dark asphalt gets less snow, so only
new asphalt parts and cracks and tire marks are free of snow on an old
airport. Not good!

Hello, While we agree that the snow’s behaviour could be improved, this is not
in our short-term roadmap.

Thanks for you kind answer. Since you are not satisfied too, maybe a switch to
turn off the snow layer/shader with live wheather could be an option for those
who can’t stand the actual snow depiction (both for Airport and scenery) It Is
sad, but an overdone feature could be worse than a missing one

This would be a very good feature, also some kind of Grass Density/Length
adjustment for grass aprons would be nice. As at the moment, it is based off
the colouration of the grass afaik, so doesn’t help if you’re trying to
achieve a certain length while colour matching the underlying sat image.

Sad that it is not in your short-term roadmap as this affects all regions of
the world where snow is common. It is almost impossible to see runways and
taxiways on airports with older, grey asphalt. Also all roads are totally
white which is not as in IRL - bigger roads at least should be almost free of
snow. The fact that roads fields and lakes all have the same snow cover makes
VFR navigating extremely difficult during wintertime… I really hope that
this could be fixed somehow.