Add ability to apply scale to DEFAULT vegetation

When using the polygon-vegetation there Is no way to scale down or reduce
density of existing vegetation (Unless overriding the biome with a custom
one) Can the polygon vegetation be enable to customize default vegetation
othen than its own created one? This feature can be useful to make tree
smaller ! E.g. over photogrammetry, It looks like that trees are rendered at
“1” scale, wich looks like 3 times bigger than the default 0.33 given by the
vegetation polygon (that, by the way, leave very Little room for height
adjustement!!) On the official forums the issue Is back with the new WU9, and
buglogged (my two cents, i can understand the Need of covering the
photogrammetry trees with the the standard one and thus the idea of making
them huge,and i’m agree with that idea) But lot of people are complaining and
the solutions by now Is scraping all the trees in pg area with polygon veg
density/scale set to zero or worse disable pg/removing the wu