Add better info for the UV animation

Tutorial on animation materials. 1. Place your UV over the default
position. Never move after this.

2. From the material editor
assign the material name (any name) to the bulb mesh. I called mine
LEAR_ALERTER_TEST_BULB_1 My template needs the _1 for the node name. This
is not important. You can use the same name as the animation name. But for
this tutorial it will help to understand better. 3. From the material editor
locate the section UV’s options: and use the UV Offset V. The offset U option
does not work and I am not sure it’s been fixed. In my UV you can see I have a
dim yellow and a brighter yellow stacked below the dark off bulb. Turn on the
AUTO KEY for the animation. Set the animation timeline to 1. Then click the up
arrow to 0.08 or until you see the UV align to the next location. Next
timeline to key 2 and up arrow the options until 0.16 like in my image. This
will align to the third light. (NOTE: When you move the timeline keys you also
have to move the mesh slightly by hand so there is an active animation
recognized. So the black keys that are created by the UV options alone is not
enough. This is the tricky part.) You can adjust the texture as needed to keep
the UV option animation evenly spaced. 4. Now open the Babylon Animation
groups. Next assign the node to the animation. The important part is to left
click the animated material white area, now it turns blue then click the add
viewport selection and this will add the animation name to the animated
material section. 5. For the
code you need two templates. The first template is the default Asobo emissive
template. Add the node name and the logic to show day and night textures. The
second template is the animation for the UV. Add the animation name and the
logic to cycle the UV’s. You wil need a default animation template or a custom
one like in my example. The logic for the animation you do not need a Lvar for
the 3 positions. Just use 0,1,2 for 3 positions. My logic will use 1 or 2 for
ON and if not true will use the zero for the OFF light.