ADD_FUEL_QUANTITY cannot be under 25%

event defaults to 25% fuel added but can be overridden when passing the event
with 0-65535. When trying to add anything below 25%, the value always snaps
to 25%.
Can this be fixed to allow us to add less than 25% fuel? Also…
there is a writable simvar to fine tune the amount of fuel in each tank (FUEL
SELECTED QUANTITY PERCENT:index) but we don’t have access to tank priority so
it’s impossible to set fuel logically that way. A new var with the priority of
each tank would be greatly useful! Thank you!

Hello @runshotgun The ADD_FUEL_QUANTITY event
will always snap to 25% if the value of the parameter is below 25%, it has
been hard coded like this since the beginning so we won’t change this event
because we don’t want to introduce regressions by changing something people
are susceptible to compensate for in existing packages. We will make a new
event as an EX1 revision later without this limitation. In the meantime you
can change the simvar FUEL_TANK_CENTER_QUANTITY (center, left or right
depending of the plane) on the old fuel system and FUELSYSTEM_TANK_QUANTITY
with the new fuelsystem to change the fuel quantity in your airplane. We take
note of your suggestion for the priority of fuel tank. Best Regards, Yohan

As it stands today, we will not be able to release a generalized solution for
fuel management since we don’t have access to prioritization. Thank you for
considering the options!