Adding a "DataStore Manager" to Dev Mode

Over time, especially during development, the Datastore can fill up with a lot
of keys and Data, that may not be needed anymore., and just fill & slow down
Datastore functions. Current there is no way to see what is in the Datastore
or Manage it, without writing one own manager (which is quote possible, as the
API , or WT examples exist to write such an app)… However, there may be
issues distributimg this sort of 3rd Party developed Tool with other… (for
many reasons). Suggestion is that the Dev Console adds a Datastore
Maybe something similar to the L:Var viewer / editor. with a
filter, but with the addition of a Delete button, say for for currently
selected keys. (with a ARE YOUR SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE THESE KEYS !! ). An
optimal design should become obvious, onece one starts work on such a manager.
An OFFICIAL Manager in the Dev Console would be much more secure, and
trusted, than a 3rd party App that attempts to do this, and may have issues,
and cause unwanted Data loss.
Also such a tool, would make chaging data in
the Datastore significantly easier, and help significantly with develpong and
testing App that use the Datastore to store items such as State saving Data,
or license keys.

Has ASOBO had a chance to consider this suggestion. It would be beneficial to
know if this is something ASOBO is able & willing to do, as a formal
controlled, and reliable part of the Dev Console -- otherwise I can see
various 3rd party dev adding this feature to their aircraft with varying
degrees of successes, and potential adding a Manager that may very l well,
accidentally wipe out all the keys in a user’s Data Store !!

Hi there, We’ve seen your suggestion but we don’t review ideas on a daily
basis so we haven’t had a chance to discuss it yet. My first reaction is that
this is probably something we would like to do but we need to see how it could
fit in our plannings. We will let you know asap. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Any advance of an Officail DataStore Manager tool for the SDK ? Or even a SDK
for the DataStore file, so that an External Tool could be written (by
someone outside of Asobo) to maintain it, and keep its ever-growing size “in
check”, with the ability to remove no longer needed entries. Its probably far
easier to write an Visually designed External Tool , than try to do it
from within the limitations of MSFS, using the existing DataStore MSFS JS
functions. ie . So can details of the Data Store file format be released ( in
the SDK ) ? -- On a side note , can the operation of the data Store be
verified and if needed, updated, to made to work reliably with large sized
Data , ie In the region of 10’s of K ( ie to hold large Flight Plans )