Adding generic road traffic_

Have not been able to find any useful results, and last I checked, adding generic traffic to a road was a pretty complicated/impossible task with the current SDK.

Still… wanted to check if anyone has found the recipe for this… have a highway that sits right on the short final of a major airport, and the meshes somehow block out the road traffic on this stretch. I have cleaned up the bumpy mesh but cannot seem to add road traffic to the dead stretch.

We can’t add default AI road traffic, only remove it

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What i suspected. Thx for reply :slight_smile:

If you designate an object surface as roadmaterial? Would’t that generate traffic? :slight_smile:

It will drive existing traffic over it, Its purpose is to make bridges :smiling_face:

Yeah, thought that much. First I thought that the issue were that the traffic went underground due to new mesh from the (pro) 3rd party dev had been smashed on top of the MSFS one to make the airport and area, thus burrying the traffic. But after litterally digging for it, it seems more like the 3rd party dev have blocked it with a polygon… and cant seem to find a way to undo their block unfo. :slight_smile:

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