AdditionalPackage in Sound.xml

Hi! I have made a simple, but working, sound package for my MSFS aircraft
project, that I want to use to replace some default sounds. I dont want to
make all the sounds from scratch, so I have tried using the function in the
sound.xml file. I have not gotten this to work however. When I use the default
package as the main package, in my case the 747 sounds, it only plays those
sounds with none of my custom ones included. I have also put a custom prefix
in front of the event names of my own sounds, so that should not be the issue.
When I switch around and set my own custom package as the main package, and
the 747 one as an additional, it only plays my custom sounds, and none of the
default 747 ones. The custom package file in itself is not the problem, as it
runs just as it should when it is the main package, but it seems something is
wrong with the line. I would very much appreciate your help, and sorry if it
was a bit confusing to understand the situation.


Hello @JDH " I have also put a custom prefix in front of the event names of
my own sounds, so that should not be the issue.
" Do we agree you have added
those on top of the main package prefix and not replaced it? As indicated in
the documentation, events will always need the main package name as a prefix.
Regards, Sylvain

Issue solved! Thank you so much Sylvian, I believe that I misunderstood
exactly that part, now it seems to work however!

Could you please pretend I’m 5 years old and explain in detail what you did to
fix it? Did you have to change the event names in your wwise package?

Sure! I’ll do my best to explain. Firstly, you copy the sound files from
whatever aircraft you want to it to be based on. Lets just say the 747. In the
sound.xml file you’ll see in the top that it says: Let that stay, but under
it you need to add a line that says: Change this name to what ever your
PC.PCK file is called. I recon you know the basics of Wwise and have made your
own package already, if not you should check out Asobo’s tutorial, just follow
each of their steps and continue from there. Now scroll down in the sound.xml
file and find the section for the sound you want to replace. The Wwise event
name can be what ever you want it to be as far as I am concerned, but when you
want the sim to use the one from your custom (additional) package, you will
need to change it to something differert. If you don’t to so it will most
likely just use the one from the main package. I’d just put a prefix on it so
that I still know what it’s for. Then in Wwise you need to name the event as
such: Play_Asobo_B747_8i_YOUR_EVENT_NAME If you use sounds from another
aircraft, you of course change the name to that PC.PCK file, and
YOUR_EVENT_NAME is just the name that you made in the xml file. If you do so
it whould work fine, just as it did for me!