AddToDataDefinition / RequestDataOnSimObjectType for ATC_MODEL returns icao_model instead of atc_model if atc_model string contains a space character

Version: all versions

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Blocker

Context: **

Bug description:
SimConnect_AddToDataDefinition / RequestDataOnSimObjectType for ‘ATC MODEL’ returns icao_model instead of atc_model from aircraft.cfg if atc_model variable has a space character.

example: cessna 172 aircraft.cfg:
atc_model = “TT:ATCCOM.AC_MODEL C172.0.text”
icao_model = “172 Skyhawk”
return value of RequestDataOnSimObjectType for “ATC MODEL” is “Skyhawk”

changing atc_model variable to “TT:ATCCOM.AC_MODEL _ C172.0.text”
return value of RequestDataOnSimObjectType is “AC_MODEL_C172.0.text”

Repro steps: