Adjusting "Rudder_Effectiveness" to Reduce Directional Stability negatively affecting Rudder Authority

After some experimentation, I have showed on some Topics that the MSFS Flight
Model is generating way excessive Directional Stability for the Tail
dimensions entered on the .cfg. The attribute I found to control this
(Cy_Beta) is ‘Rudder_Effectiveness’ in the flight_model.cfg. After more
experimentation, what I found happening is that adjusting this for correct
level of Stability, will make the Rudder Control Surface barely effective.
This will need me to go increase scalars for actual rudder effectiveness, such
as the new “rudder_lift_coef” to values way over 1.0. Makes sense they are
both being affected. But this leaves the job of a FlightModel Creator in a bad
position, making the balance way harder to achieve. I propose there should be
another way to directly adjust directional stability, in a way that goes to
the core of the issue, without making Rudder Surface so weak. As a Sidenote: I
tried the new "fuselage_lateral_cx " and if setting this to 0 results in
removing the fuselage sideforce completely due to Beta, the Fuselage is, at
least in the case of the C172, not the culprit at all of the excessive
stability. The Tail is the area that needs focus. But having this attribute is
very welcome as will be any other one that gives devs more control over the
Simulation. Thanks

Related idea: being able to define custom parameters and allowing 3rd party
devs to tweak the core flight model logic

This is an idea that reminds me of Aerofly 2, which features a Closed
FlightModel System, but allows devs to create individual Wing Sections, as
many as they like, each with different drag profile, lift, etc. Also Ailerons,
Elevator, Flap, custumizing their airplane outside of boundaries, attending
the pecularities of each kind of design, but still leaving the Core
calculation to the Simulator.