After SU12 landmarks POI are no more shown if created with a new project

After SU12 if I now create a new project with POI landmarks in it, putting the
compiled package in the community folder the POIs are not shown in the SIM In
the project I have also polygons and scenery objects and those are shown
correctly in the SIM

Hello @erasam , I was not able to reproduce this. Can you send me your scenery
xml ? [See 3) Provide Private
crash.html) Regards, Boris

After clearing the scenery cache, the WIP project cache and the rolling cache
the project created POIs are now visible I have actually found a bug: creating
the custom project hierarchy the SIM creates a Landmark group and apparently
group all the landmark inside it. If you save the project and load it again
the Landmark group is there but empty and all the landmarks are ungroupe

@erasam , Thanks for the feedback. However I’m not sure I understand the issue
you have encountered. What you mean by “creating the custom project hierarchy
the SIM creates a Landmark group” ? Didn’t you use the project creation Wizard
? If you can describe all the
steps to reproduce the bug, it will help us to understand the behavior. Thank
you, Regards, Boris

Hi, sorry not being more clear I’m attaching some screenshots to clarify it:
- create legacy hiearchy

grouped landmarks - project
saved than reloaded: landmark group is empy and landmarks are ungrouped

Thank you for your feedback, this will be reviewed :slight_smile: Regards, Boris