AI airplane is not following the flightplan but returning directly to the airport

Not sure if this is a bug or working as designed at the moment, therefore no Bug report at the moment and only a question.


  • Creating a ATC controlled airplane parked at an airport
  • Create a PLN file with Destination = Departure Airport and a waypoints inbetween
  • Set Flightplan to the airplane via SimConnect


  • AI Airplane departs and follows the waypoints before returning to the airport

Actual result:

  • AI Airplane departs and returns directly to the airport for landing without following the flightplan waypoints.


  • No A to A operations with waypoint flights like many GA private flights or Military observation flights are possible to inject via SimConnect when airplane is parked.

Injecting the airplane with a flightplan enroute seems to be working fine. It follows the waypoints before landing.

Is this a bug inside the Sim, or just something that has not been taken into account when designing the current AI system?
I am think I might have a workaround for now that I could implement, jsut wanted to make sure it is worth spending time on it.

Regular flight plans are simply origin and destination, no waypoints. I suspect it simply ignores them as it was never intended.

I know there are addons out there to make AI flights obey SIDS and STARS but I don’t know how.