AI Dropping frames by A LOT

Whenever AI Traffic is enabled (Default in-game traffic), it causes huge FPS
loss in the Scenery Editor. What happens is lots of aircraft spawn on top of
each other in the middle of a runway, thus causing performance loss. It’s
really easy to reproduce and happens 100% of the time. Make sure Traffic is
enabled and at 100 density, open an airport project and it will happen. It can
cause drops as low as 5 fps.

Hello @pyreegue , We were able to reproduce this behavior, We will investigate
this and keep you informed Thank you for reporting :slight_smile: , Regards, Boris

Suggestion: Remove anykind of AI while in Scenery Editor.

Hi, It will be fixed for SU10, the offline air traffic is now disabled when
the scenery editor is active. Regards, Xavier

incl. SimConnect based added AI?

No :confused: but I’m not sure it has the same impact as the offline AI. It needs to
be tested

it has - had the same issue several times already on my system. But easiest
solution was just to kill the 3rd party injection tool. So if it not easy for
you guys to implement a global removal of the SimConnect based AI and block
any kind of reinjection there is a workaround for the user already in place.
Would be just nice to be able to let the external AI run, get it removed while
in scenery editor and get it back after closing it.