AI Traffic Vehicles - Add possibility to extent waypoint list driving in reverse to more than 1 waypoint

Dear Asobo, Currently when you require to make an AI traffic vehicle to
reverse from a location it is limited to only 1 waypoint, this causes
complications in the code when you require the vehicle to reverse thru a
series of waypoints. Imagine the vehicle is on a spot where you require it to
drive backwards in an semi S position or U shape, because this limitation you
have to send 1 waypoint with the reverse flag, wait for the vehicle to move
and stop, and send the next wait, send the next, wait. Given everything occurs
asynchronously you can imagine the nightmare to get it to work correctly.
Would it be possible to allow to send multiple waypoints with the reverse
flag? making the vehicle to reverse following any Lat / Lon send to the
object?. In addition please note when setting the reserve flag the ground
speed set on the waypoint seems to be ignored, for example if you want the
vehicle to drive backwards at 1kts, it never happens, it always drives
backwards at some arbitrary speed set by the AI system. Many thanks for taking
the time to evaluate this idea. Best Regards, Raul