[AIRCRAFT EDITOR] Missing buttons to duplicate and re-arrange lights

The buttons to duplicate and change the sequence of lights are missing in
Aircraft Editor v2.

Hello @SWS-AlexVletsas Are you talking about these 3 buttons in the deprecated
version? (Dup., /\ and /) If
so, they have their equivalent in the V2 starting from SU11:

The arrows don’t change the
sequence, they allow you to select previous/next item in the list. Regards,

Yes, these are the icons. I can’t see them (SU10, AEv2). Also, having the
ability to change the sequence of the lights from within the editor can be
very helpful as we can have all the panel lights together (i.e. 40-49 instead
of 41, 45-48 and 52-54) without having to edit the .cfg files.

As I said, icons are coming with SU11. I’ll forward the request for a reorder
feature in this panel. Edit: My bad @SWS-AlexVletsas Arrows are reordering the
lights. I was mistaken by the fact the displayed name doesn’t change. We’ll
change this and display the type of light so that’s a bit more readable.
Regards, Sylvain

@FlyingRaccoon great idea about labelling the light type!