Aircraft Editor: Please fix the corruption

The aircraft editor is not fit for purpose. It corrupts anything it touches
and is never up to date with the latest changes in the flight model and config
files. It’s clear this tool is not used internally at Asobo. Open config files
from the planes that come with the sim, and it will corrupt them in most
cases. The only way I have found to avoid corruption is to edit an aircraft’s
files exclusively within the tool, but that isn’t an option when the editor
is missing every new parameter that came in the latest sim update.

Just a follow-on to that; it would be also useful for the aircraft editor to
save ONLY files that have been changed. Right now it re-saves every .cfg file,
and it likes to remove comments which can be rather annoying when testing
tweaking flight model values, for instance. At the same time, the aircraft
editor is great to have for certain tasks like placing lights or contact
points, so it’s difficult to ignore the tool 100% of the time. I’m currently
using our code management tools to diff compare the files saved by the
aircraft editor and roll back unwanted changes, but this is obviously time
consuming and shouldn’t need to be done.

Hello. @StevenPearce What kind of corruption
are you having on your files? If you have repro steps, I’m interested to know.
The last corruption issue we had was happening on strings but it has been
solved a few patches ago. About all other issues with the AE, we are aware of
it and plan a big rework. Regards, Sylvain

The last corruption I encountered was with the [FUEL_SYSTEM] section of
flight_model.cfg You can reproduce it with the flight_model.cfg of the F/A-18;
open and save with aircraft editor. Some extra engines will appear in there.

Could this be related to the fact that in the systems.cfg of the F/A-18, the
iEng of alternator.1 and alternator.2 are 1 and 2, not 0 and 1 as one would

I’ve reproduced that behaviour so a developer will have a look at this issue.
We’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

HNY Asobo team. I would like to add that I’m having issues with editing
contact points using Aircraft Editor. When I build my package and load
aircraft editor, everything seems to work fine. I then edit the contact points
and hit refresh. The plane reloads but the adjustments have not been made and
Aircraft Editor no longer works. Thanks, Sherv

Do you edit your contact points in the file or through the UI? When you say
“Refresh”, you mean Resync?

I edited through UI. And correct I meant to say “Resync”. Happy to send you
guys my package file if you want to experiment with it.

Resync reloads the content of your files and overwrites what’s been
changed in the UI. If you want to apply the modifications made in the UI, you
need to use Save & Resync.

I will try that now. But that doesn’t explain why the Aircraft Editor no
longer works?? Why would after hitting resynch and the aircraft reloads ,
everything in the AE go blank and not allow me to make any edits?

AE still does not work after I save and resynch. Initial load up is fine:

I make the edit and hit save
and resynch The contact point
updates but now AE is blank . I have to restart sim to make edits again

@Sherv In that case, I’d be interested to have your package sources and know
what modification you are doing on the contact points.

Sure more than happy to send. Where should I send to? One additional thing I
should mention, my flight dynamics person edited the flight model and engines
cfg files using visual studio. Not sure if that would cause issues but we
figure that AE would not load at all on initial startup if there was an error
in the cfg file?

You can provide a OneDrive/GoogleDrive/WeTransfer link here as a private
comment (option below the submit button)

Ok thanks. I will get this to you by today ( EST time US ) or over the weekend
at the latest.