Aircraft editor pulls data from old project into new

I think I have this strange bug. I’ve made certain changes in an older project
using the aircraft editor. Now whenever I start a fresh project from scratch
the aircraft editor it remembers the edits ive made in the old project and
brings them into the new one. Even though the data is correct in the new
project. It shows the dots on the tabs when a change is made even when I just
open the aircraft editor. I make edits that I need but it still adds the old
projects edits onto my new one. save and resyncing completed breaks the
project and I cant even fly anymore. Any help is appreciated as this is
driving me insane and cant work on my projects.

I am pretty sure what you are experiencing is a consequence of the Virtual
File System. If I am correct, the situation is that the VFS analyzes your new
Package and determines it to be a previous Package with numerous errors and
omissions. If you change the Package name even slightly, that should free you
of the integrity check.

But my new projects package name is different from my previous projects when I
create it. Is there any way to clear this VFS? Or another way to bypass this
integrity check?

Hello @zealot12 Just to make sure I understand
this correctly. After editing your old project, when you open or create your
new project, the AircraftEditor shows some fields being modified to your old
project values? Are the files from the new project containing the default
values or the edited ones? When saving, which files are updated? The new ones,
the old ones, both? Regards, Sylvain

I have to make a comment here. ASOBO devs don’t see how bad and unreliable the
Aircraft Editor is? I open my aircraft and each and every time the flight
model, ai, engines and systems suggest that changes have been made, by showing
a white dot. I also see so many custom values in that tab, are these
deprecated. Today my camera.cfg will no longer show the pilot cameras in the
menu. You don’t see this? I’m sorry but AE2 has been unusable since day 1. All
this with the constant need to do a restart flight or even go back to the main
menu, to get things building correctly is a constant pain. Hope Jorge’s July
surprise is AE3.

Hi @FlyingRaccoon Yes correct, when creating a
new project. the editor shows some fields as already edited when I haven’t
even touched them. It saves edits I make in the new project along with the new
projects files. But since its pulling some changes from my old project it
breaks my project.

And you double checked both projects are not pointing to a common source

Hi @DA40CGDFQ, Sorry for the spoiler but I don’t
think AE3 is the surprise. Can you elaborate a bit on the issues you are
having, perhaps with screenshots? Just saying “it never worked from day 1”
doesn’t really help identifying & fixing issues. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Just do a search here AE2 - you will see many Bug reports about AE2. So it has
been one thing or another with it that the devs don’t want to use it in fear
of corruption. Yes you have fixed some. Some you guys can’t seem to reproduce.
I just added a new bug about camers a few minuts ago. This has taken me three
days to figure out. The part I am most afraid of is the open AE2 and already
shows that something has changed (shows dot on Flight model, engines and
systems), when I didn’t even start modifications yet.

I’ve asked the developer in charge to check the bug report you just made.
We’ll get back to you asap in the post. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Yes correct, Everything has its own folder/sources everything. I know, strange

And you are only loading these packages from the DevMode, you don’t have a
copy mounted from the Community folder?

Community folder is completely empty. All projects are opened using the
project editor in Devmode

Hello @zealot12 We are running out of ideas on what could cause this. If you
are able to provide us with your 2 projects, we can try to have a repro and
investigate further. In this case, follow the section 3 of guidelines here:
crash/77) Regards, Sylvain