Aircraft Labels/Nameplates for Simconnect Aircraft/Objects: VATSIM/JoinFS/IVAO/FSCloud,ect

I copy this here, because the author wrote it as a question and it’s very
important for a lot of people:

The community wants the ability to add in game labels/name plates to the sim
using Simconnect. This was a standard feature in FSX and “beyond”. Please
impliment the ability to ad thease features in the SDK as the current name
plates seem to only be accessible by the core sim MS system. Why add these?
1. Partnership with VATSIM. 2. No negative affect foreseeable (Multiplayer
outside of XBOX services is already existent and running smooth(just like
Vatsim and JoinFS). It does not compete, as VATSIM, JoinFS, IVAO, etc… are
for special use cases, (Group flights, private flights, Radar/“liveATC”
flights, etc… 3. The community support issues will be solved in this case
and will be in the “final product”, not needed to deal with later. There is
more, but to keep things short, many payers would benefit from this, short and
long term. and the votes show its is wanted. I hope it is looked into deeper
this time and not just skimmed across in a live stream again. Thanks! Original
Forum Post: <