Aircraft Parked in Hangar with working Environment Occluder still gets rain/snow effects and sounds

I created a set of hangars with working Environmental Occluder. It is not
raining or snowing inside the hangar when I check with the drone or dev
camera. But these hangars have parking spots and when I am spawned in an
aircraft the aircraft still has windshield rain/snow effects and sounds while
parked inside the hangar with environmental occluder. I don’t know if you have
a scenery to test with but I can send my working package if needed.

Please confirm that environmental effects override the SimObject occluder when
it is within the boundaries of the hangar occluder, because all individual
objects need their own environment occluders.

Not sure how your answer applies to my airport project. But, I parked the
default Asobo F-18 inside my hangar which has an occluder. There is no rain
inside the hangar except on the canopy of the aircraft. I tested it with
another aircraft and had the same result. I have attached a video link.!Ag_jgNx1a4E0hOvPMvdKXBeBII_9mIk?e=qdbEIC

Ok, what you are experiencing happens to all SimObjects, because the
individual occluders affect only their individual models. You could simulate
“dry hangar parking,” by making an “umbrella” occluder for each aircraft, as
part of the aircraft Package, but you’d have to find a way to disable it when
the plane is exposed to weather.

well, I’m not gonna do that. lol. This is an Asobo problem (or aircraft
designer problem) but it would seem that should be something in the basic
coding of the sim that if a simobject is inside an environmental occluder it
should stop having rain/snow effects. Anyway, I will chalk this up as a sim
problem. I just had not noticed it before because I have not built parking
spots inside like this before but this airport needs them as they are like
this in real life. Hopefully the sim will support this one day but for now it
will only be an issue if the player starts inside one of these spots in rainy