Airport Aprons, polygons, and the VFR Map

Simply put, is there a way to prevent airport aprons appearing when zoomed into the VFR Map?

Aprons can be used to hide Bing textures when (re)creating non-existent airports or features. Polygons can also be used, but hide runways and taxiways. So, I have an apron “under” the runways and polygons surrounding the area where I am recreating the now gone 1W2.

In game it all works nicely, but when I zoom in on the VFR map, its one big black blob. Even the textured polygons appear.

So while its a minor point, I was curious if there was some method to prevent them being rendered in the VFR map.

Obviously, “aprons” that are actual aprons should be rendered, but the ones that are being used for ground cover / Bing masking ideally shouldn’t.

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