Airport Beacon on Custom Object

I have created a beacon tower object to attach an airport beacon to the top
using the “Has Beacon” option in the scenery editor. I am using Blender. I
added an “Empty” to the top of my object and gave it the name of beacon_dummy
to use as my attach point. I added the object to the scenery and clicked “Has
Beacon” and used the beacon_dummy name as the attach point. I then re-build
the package and re-start the simulator. My issue is that at this point I do
not see the beacon unless I teleport to another airport where I can see a
beacon and then when I teleport back to my project airport the beacon is
visible and it’s in the correct location. I have also tried moving my created
package to the community folder and when I load the simulator with my package
in the community folder I do not see my airport beacon flashing no matter what
I do. I don’t understand what is going on here? The beacon seems to be
attached to my object correctly but isn’t visible unless I am in dev mode and
teleport back and forth.

Bueller? Anyone?? I gave up on this for now for my current project and modeled
my own beacon but of course at a distance you can’t see the light because the
simulator culls the light on my custom object. Anyone want to post the steps
on getting a default airport beacon working with a custom object using “Has
Beacon” in the scenery editor? In my experience I got it to work once and then
it never showed in the sim even with the project in the community folder.

Hello Sorry for the delay in our answer. I was able to reproduce your issue.
I’ll create a ticket and our scenery editor dev will have a look at it. Thank
you for reporting the issue. Regards, Sylvain

thank you. I’m glad to know that this was a bug and not something I was doing
on my end. I placed my own animated rotating beacon however the light is not
visible from a distance which kinda defeats the purpose of an airport beacon.
Gaya Simulations though did this same thing with their Block Island KBID
airpot scenery and it also does not have an airport beacon that is visible
unless you are pretty much on the airport. I would probably rather stick a
default beacon on an object in the future vs. making my own because of this
limitation. Most users are going to want to see the beacon from a distance vs
having an animated one that you can really only see close up on the airfield.