Airport service new issue since SU10

Hello, I have worked since 2 days on updated airport services on our LFBD
airport because since SU10 , we can’t call borading stairs. Today i made it
working and in the last verification of the day , one again the issue is come
back. Please help with that , ia really don’t understand why sometime it is
working and sometimes not. You can do the test on D gates. Sometime it works
sometime not… I will add the airport build folder in the next com but i can’t
undertand what is happening. Thanks for the help on it. Kind regards

Hi there, Did you notice the issue during the SU10 flighting? Best regards,
Eric / Asobo

Hi Eric, I don’t know exactly… some users reported few days ago that from now
they can’t call stairs at some gates, some have double gates. From our side we
took 2 days to update and add airport service folder to LFBD to help. The fact
is sometime it works now , sometime not, it is complicated to analyze it… To
start why stairs have stopped working before the add of ariport services
folder then i ma not sure from side the issue don’t come from before SU10
maybe SU9 but users began to repport issues just after SU10 and Canada WU.
Kind regards

Hello @Kem_Pesim , I made more than 4 spawn at
each D gate with the A320 Neo and I’m not able to reproduce your issue. Every
time I call the ramp, it works. When you say it doesn’t work, what doesn’t
work? You can’t call the ramp or the ramp doesn’t come to your plane after you
call it in the ATC windows ? Can you make a video of the issue please ?
Regards, Boris

Hi Boris, Thank you very much for your validation and the time to verify. When
the issue is there , we can’t call the ramp in ATC windows , it is not in the
list. So i was able to make it work like you, then at the very end of the day
, i have once again the issue , that is why i am asking. This morning , issue
wasen’t there anymore on my computer. I have some users screens report and
haven’t done it myself from nowbecause the end of the working day when it
comes again and this morning , no problems. Maybe a random issue due to many
FS restart in dev mode. When it comes again , will do a video. May i ask you
what files in a package are affected by airport services ? skb , json and
maybe a bgl in the scenery ? Kind regards

Hi, You’re welcome, Airport services, when present in a specific package
replace the default airport services of a given airport. Do you experience
this with other (default or community) airports ? Regards, Boris

Hi Boris, I can’ tell you what happening on defaults airports or others , but
all my other airports are working great., (some don’t already have a Airport
services dedicated folder) For an unknow reason , at Bordeaux , and without
airports services folder , bording stairs have failed since SU10 , and that is
why i added airport services to fix that. Kind regards Kem