Airway possible bug

I noticed a strange behavior in using the flight plan manager
(FlightPlanManager.js) that I think is a bug. The problem is when I fetch the
airways for a waypoint, I sometimes don’t get all the airway waypoints in
return. And even stranger, I get different results when I query from different
waypoints of the same airway. This is easy to reproduce, here is the
procedure: Take the HELDE waypoint for example (near Albuquerque, in the
US), MSFS will return it is part of airways J6 and V12 , this is
perfect. Now if you list all the waypoints of the J6 airway, you get: SNS
IRW DWINE KLUBB KOMMA LIT (22 waypoints). But it appears it is not complete
because J6 has 42 waypoints (I don’t think listing them all here is
useful) The strange thing is that if you query the airways for SNS or
PERKS , which are also on J6 , you get the full list of the J6 airway
waypoints, none is missing. In other words, the J6 waypoint list is not the
same depending on the waypoint from which you request it, even though all
these waypoints are part of the same airway. I think querying the airways and
airway waypoints should return the same waypoint list, whatever waypoint is
used as a base for the query.

Hello @ericmarciano and thank you for reporting it. Our devs are investigating
:slight_smile: Regards, Sylvain

@ericmarciano Ok, this is an issue coming from the source data itself.
Depending on the source, those are 2 separate airways or not and this create
an inconsistency in our in game data. We will look for a way to fix this on
our side. Thank you for reporting the problem. Regards, Sylvain

Also, could you tell us what source you’re referring to when saying J6 has 42

The source is MSFS :slight_smile: When I query the airways for SNS or PERKS waypoint, I
get 42 waypoints. I also use Little Nav Map, even though I am not sure it is
reliable, it also lists 42 waypoints for J6 airway. But what I am sure about
is that when I query the airways for SNS or PERKS, MSFS replies they belong to
J6 and lists all the 42 J6 waypoints, whcih is confirmed in Little Nav Map.
This is why I think this is correct.