All package building has been skipped and unable to load Modellib

Hello I’m Lamflow. Beginner scenery creator.
Currently I’m trying to put my 3d models into MSFS and have some problems.
First I copied and pasted simple scenery sample and renamed in order to find
whether if i can load modellib and build my project.
However when I load my project file with MSFS and build it, it seems to be skipping build 3d models
in my Modellib without any errors and Load in editor button is greyed out.
I’ve been struggling to solve this problem for a week.
I hope I can get your help.
Thank you

You “load in editor” something editable within an editor,
So in your case, the rnjw_scene (BGL)

ModelLibs cannot be loaded into any editor

About the skipping, are you sure you don’t already have in your project a Packages folder and inside that, some .DDS file inside the texture folder and a modelLib.bgl file, that is the proof the sources are already compiled thus the skipping (nothing to do)

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I followed you advice and I successfully placed not only a samplebox but my 3d model!
thank you for your reply to my really basic question!

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