Allow package deactivation within the sim

The most common way to deactivate a scenery package is to either remove it
from the Community folder, and restart the sim, or to use the Content manager
to delete a package. I found that a specific package can be deactivated
without deleting the package by editing the Content.xml: can be edited to…
and then the outskerries package will be deactivated upon restarting the sim,
and the actual package will not be deleted from the computer. My idea is to
allow the content manager to deactivate a package by marking the ‘active’ as
false (not just deleting the package). Doing this in-sim will save time as the
sim would not be needed to restarted. And time would be saved as the package
could be reactivated without needing to re-download it. After altering the
Content.xml, then the scenery would need to be reset, just as deleting a
package does. This would also allow “star” content to be overridden, as they
could be deactivated should a developer come up with an alternative scenery,
and then later switching back to activation if wanted, all without restarting
the sim.