Ambient occlusion compression

Dear all,

I have a rather anoying issue I am not able to resolve even after hours of research. My ambient occlusion seems to get compressed causing a lot of artifacts on the model. I have tried every possible “solution” to remedy this but nothing worked: Exporting comp as a 16 bit texture (obv), used a known good export preset for substance painter, ensured the occlusion node in the shader editor says gltfSettings and not smthg like “gltfSettings 0.001”

It looks fine everywhere: in substance, in blender, on the comp texture, just the sim is doing this and I really don’t know why. Any help would be appreciated. Please find attached the relevant pictures:

AO issue in the sim:

Ho it look on the comp texture (4k 16 bits)(the proper texture looks really smooth, it just looks a tad like in the sim bbc of the screenshot and upload compression)

How it looks in substance:

Any help would bbe appreciated as I completly lost all motivation at the moment. I have spent more tie trying to find out the reason for an issue no one else seems to have and I have no clue what I am doing wrong.



Hi Michael. You can set the texture compression in the .FLAGS file to avoid these artifacts. See details here: Ambient Occlusion

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I have already seen this. However, no other third party def does this. At least none that I checked out. Also other developers I talked to didn’t even know this existed and still don’t get these issues. There must bbe a way to get smooth AO without the flags file as no one seems to use it for airport sceneries.

Just to clarify: yes, I have tried the .flags approach and it works. HOWEVER, like I said, no ohter 3rd party devs uses this (I checked the files of multiple packages), and I am concerned about the performance impact.

I think older versions of the SDK may have defaulted to lower compression, so the flags file was less important.

Hello @MichaelWimmer ,

As explained on the flags documentation page, an update has been made to remove the QUALITYHIGH flag that was previously set by default.

So, you may need to use these flags when you are using a highly detailed AO map.

Your issue could also come from baking, UV, resolution…


I’ve done this in a few addons, but used sparingly since it will increase texture memory. A building here or there wont hurt too much, especially if you are unloading the textures over your LODs.

Mostly I just use it around areas where more user attention may be focused and the banding is really noticeable, like in a hangar interior. Though for other models in the area, even if the banding is a little noticeable, I typically don’t apply FLAGS just for Xbox memory optimization reasons.