Animated materials documentation

The documentation on Animated

stops at how to rig the material in 3ds max. There are no XML code templates
provided nor any documentation. I might be mistaken, but even the old example
about Emissive is missing. Within Asobo’s Generic templates, we can find a
sampe for the parameter, but there are no examples for base colour, Alpha,
Normal or the ORM textures. Can you please update the documentation with that?

@Nocturne FYI

From what I understood of the SDK, animated materials cannot animate textures.
You can only animate the following: - Base Color ( not the texture, the base
color parameter ) - Roughness ( not the texture, the parameter ) - Emissive
( not the texture, the parameter ) And, you just use the default 3DS Max
method to animate a parameter. If you check the screenshot on the “Animated
Parameter” of the docs, after the sentence “At this point, you would then use
the standard 3Ds Max workflow to animate the material property (or properties)
that you require to animate:” You can see the Roughness there has two red
brackets, meaning the parameter is being animated on the timeline so, when
Autokey is enabled, any changes to its value will create a key on the timeline
for it, there are lots of parameters that can be animated in Max this way, but
the MSFS SDK supports ONLY those 3, according to the docs. I guess the most
common case will be animating the Base color, for example to create some kind
of light/button that instead of going just ON/Off in an instant, might
progressively lighten up, and/or change color, over a timeline.

I also tried to animate materials and I think that explanations are missing,
it is true that an example would be welcome if the documentation is not
extensive. To this day I am still trying to animate materials.

That is understood. The question is what are the XML tags that should be in
the Behaviors file in order to control that. Why will the green light become