Animated object with bones/armature hiding with a different camera position

Good afternoon! We a faced with a strange bug - Animated object with a
armature/bone animation are hiding with a different camera position. Files for
blender ready for export (Exporter and GLTF in attach.

when I have visibility issues while camera too close to the model, I usually
add lowpoly sphere 10x larger than model itself with invisible material
applied. that enlarges bounding box and force rendering engine to show model
in most cases.

Hello @Moter Check this question where a similar problem was described: The bounding sphere is
generated based on the position of vertices at frame 0. If you use skinned
animations to move your character around, this will not move the bounding
sphere. The way we suggest to fix this is to have your character stay in place
in the skinned animation and move him around using a normal animation on a
root node. Regards, Sylvain

Thank you so much! Another way for fix it - add to skinned mesh (Wich an
animated) few polygons (with negatve Z location) on boundings of move