Animation lag between exterior and interior models

I was working on canopy animations when I discovered that the model in the sim
seemed to lag between the exterior and interior opening animations. The video
posted above is in slow motion. All animations involved in the canopy movement
follow only ONE armature for each respective canopy. This way there will be
ZERO inconsistency in the animation of both the exterior and interior models.
The exact armature was exported with the exterior and interior gltf. I’ve made
sure that the animation NLA track matched the XML definitions, made sure all
animations were linear, and a bunch of things that I’ve made sure and tried
below. Blender showed no sign of gapping between the two models… since it
only used one animation parent (armature/empty). I exported this on the latest
version of Asobo’s exporter for blender. Things that I’ve tried (that didn’t
solve the issue) -using an empty instead of armature -made sure XMLs did not
differ in animation lag, delay, or keys -exporting with different animation
settings (shape keys, skinning, sample, optimize animations, etc) -using
different interpolation methods between the keyframes (linear, bezier, etc)
-using two armatures for the animation with exterior and interior respectively
Things that I’ve tried (that fixed the issue) -exporting the entire canopy
(including the exterior glass, and stuff) as part of the interior object
-exporting the entire canopy as one object Obviously, the issue has been fixed
in the described solutions but it’s merely a temporary workaround. I’ve just
walked someone else into getting door animations working in the same way I did
mine, and their aircraft did NOT have my issue. So could this be an issue of
primarily heavy 3D? Big textures, lots of collections, and a whopping
10-minute export time for the interior model? Could it be LODs, and stuff like
that? I have attached videos of the issue below

@sp33dm I Usually find that when anything like this happens the “Parent” Node
does not have the proper xyz scale in Word co ord system … There is a VERY
Easy fix 1) UNLINK All child parts (temporarily) 2) Reset Xform on the Parent
part (You might need to re-animate as the orientation could change) 3) One
reset and re animated … Link the children back onto it and they should now
remain in place without issue BTW This is all within 3dsMax… I have NO idea
of the process under Blender Hope this helps

II will try applying scale to the parent, and I’ll get back to you

Okay… Just tried the scale application and that didn’t work. However, I’ve
just found the fix to it - turns our it’s not the opening animation, it’s the
handle animation that started at keyframe 0, instead of 1. The canopy opening
animation started at keyframe 1, so the handle lagged the rest of the other
animations. Dumb mistake haha