Anti-ice effectiveness

This question mainly concerns window and pitot probe anti-icing, but can also
be extended to wing and engine anti-ice as well. In the A320, for example,
window and probe heat are automatically activated when the first engine is
started. This heating acts as an anti-icing feature (not a deicing feature) to
prevent icing of the windows and pitot (and TAT) probes, at least in normal
icing conditions. When icing is introduced in dev mode, it appears that the
probes and windows ice up, and then get deiced over a certain time period by
the window/probe heat. I assume that icing has the same effect when it occurs
in real, custom, or preset weather conditions as well. This is not correct
behavior, and it does not appear to be changeable by airplane developers.
There is a Simvar for Pitot Ice Pct, but it is not settable. There is also a
scalar in the flight_model.cfg file for adjusting the icing effects on the
lift and weight and weight of the airplane, but there does not appear to be a
similar capability for adjusting the effect of icing on the probes (e.g.,
airspeed) and the windows. Is there a way, or can a way be provided, to
prevent icing of the probes and windows in normal icing conditions when probe
and window heat are on and providing anti-ice protection?

Hello. There is no available anti-ice at the moment and no plans to add it in
the short term. Regarding the access to Simvars, as we frequently have
requests, we plan to review all of them at some point and see which ones we
could make writable. Regards, Sylvain