Any fix for GPS Route Starting And Ending At Same Airport?

Hey all, I have a couple of missions that have missing legs not showing on the
GPS at the start of the mission itself. These missions start and end at the
same airport and are just one leg. It is treated like a tour route. Anyway, it
sometimes works and sometimes does not. Attached is an example of one of the
errors that pops up. It only shows the final leg of the route and doesn’t give
the option to point to POI1. Is this due to the positioning of the plane at
the airport or is some other anomaly causing this issue. It happens on all GPS

I can send you the
file if you want to see what happens with the initial load. Cheers! Jeff @
Adventum Simulations

Hi, There is logic in the flightplan system that tries to determine where you
are in the flightplan based on your angle/location in relation to the flight
plan waypoints. In this case it seems to think you already passed your first
leg and will sequence the active waypoint forward. The team is aware of it and
looking into the issue. Thank you.

Thanks dga. Keep up the great work! Cheers! Jeff @ Adventum Simulations