Any plans to return the SDK object list to alphabetical order?

Or is there a setting to return it? If not that makes life slightly harder
than it needs to be…

I’ve been wondering the same thing… I have multiple variations of some of my
objects, which are normally right next to each other in the list, but now they
are scattered all about.

Sorry, stupid question: Do you mean what shows up in some of the Dev Mode
dialogs? (I haven’t yet had time to play much with the De Mode since SU6), or

Yes. The object list is now all over the place. Before it was properly
ordered. If you know what you’re looking for that’s acceptable. If you’re not
completely sure it’s hopeless.

@FlyingRaccoon - Sylvain are you able to comment on this? Developers that only
rely on using ‘stock’ scenery objects really depend on the list or the ability
to sort the scenery objects alphabetically. The order disappeared in SU6 I

+1 on this, it’s been a bit of a pain for me to search through my huge list of
objects in my scenery, and having the alphabetical ordering return, even just
as a selectable option within the toolbox would be much appreciated I’m sure!

Hello That’s something we’ll look into. :slight_smile: Regards, Sylvain

Any news on whether this will return to how it was previously? I notice Object
Types are now in alphabetical order, but not the objects themselves in the
list. Makes finding objects that bit more frustrating. Unsure why it was ever
changed in the first place.

Hello @morganthomas757 Yes, this will be done for SU10.