Any project exports with Thumbnail.jpg error

Hi. In my case, after updating to SU6, any project export finishes with the
following error:

The filename
remains the same but folders correspond to specific projects. If Thumbnail.jpg
is generated manually then during the Export it is removed and the error
appears again. All files are added correctly in the Marketplace category of
the project and this is also the case with the products already published at
the Marketplace. Any hint on how to fix this would be appreciated.

Hello. Can you make sure that Thumbnail.jpg file is present in
PackageDefinitions\yourpackagename\MarketplaceData\ ? Can you try to reselect
the jpg files to make sure they’re copied to right place? Regards, Sylvain

@FlyingRaccoon , the image I have selected as
the ContentInfo image has a different name indeed but that different name is
correctly added to the MarketplaceData project config. Does that image has to
be named exactly “Thumbnail.jpg”? Please note that it worked before

Yes, it should be named Thumbnail.jpg but this is automatic. If you select
some toto.jpg in the Inspector, it will copy it in the ContentInfo directory
and rename it Thumbnail.jpg. Your inspector allows you to select that jpg and
keeps its name?

@FlyingRaccoon In my case, the “toto” file is changed into toto_Thumbnail.jpg

That one surprises me! Can you do a short video of this so that I’m sure I’m
doing the exact same steps?