Anyone else having issues with the properties window?

I’m having lots of issues with the Properties window, and the Scenery Editor.
The Properties window will not stay open on the selected scenery element and
often kicks you back to the Scenery Editor. Sometimes it just goes black.
Playing with the left-shift sometimes ‘sticks’ the element in the Properties,
but even that is hit or miss.

I can answer this myself. I found my Xbox-style controller is the problem. If
I unplug the controller, the Properties window seems to behave nicely. I don’t
know if this is specific to my PC, or if controllers plugged into the PC is
commonly a problem. But I do miss my controller. EDIT I plugged the controller
back in while in DevMode, followed the prompts, and now it works and my
Properties window seems fine. Miracle. But it doesn’t last for the next
session. Best option is to make sure to close the property window before
selecting a scenery element, then activating the properties. I think this
could be programed in a much better fashion.

Hello @rhumbaflappy Almost everyone at Asobo has an Xbox controller plugged in
at all time so I’d say that’s a rare problem. What controller is it exactly?
Regards, Sylvain

It’s an EasyXMS controller, and is seen by Windows11 as a Microsoft
controller. I have noted that some other users have a similar problem with