Anyone got the camera view DEFAULT_CHASE to work?

The SDK Documentation states:

The most useful categories are:

  1. Cockpit - For the cockpit camera’s default position (first one), then for instrument cycle
  2. Custom - For the Quickviews. Always in this order: left, down, right, up
  3. FixedOnPlane - For cameras fixed to the object
  4. Aircraft - For shifting the default external camera original position (title must be DEFAULT_CHASE or name of an flight state)

for the Category setting. I assume that the view DEFAULT_CHASE, is meant for
initial placement of the camera when using external mode or drone mode. Using
the example in the SDK. Changing InitialZyz, InitialPbh or InitialZoom does
not make an impact on the initial camera view. Does anyone have any success
with this? Regards Erland

[View/Camera Events - MSFS DevSupport