Anyone noticed these artifacts with smoke effect against water?

I was passing near a chimney from 3rd party addon and it was against the water
and I noticed the smoke effect created some artifacts surreal reflections in
the water. Anyone noticed this before? Or There were also terrain spikes
caused by terraforming polygons (reported in another post here) so I am
wondering also if these are their reflections… Although the spikes
disappeared on the land…

Hello @Claviateur What 3rd party add on is it?

These are the smoke effects from the We Love VFR + another custom 3D object
superposed using the smoke effect in the Library shared on Now it could be from the 3rd party addons
or the fact they are superposed. But I thought verifying if this happens with
any smoke like Effect when it is facing water

Hello @Claviateur I can confirm the issue is a
side effect of the terraforming problem. It will therefore be fixed when the
terraforming issue is fixed. Regards, Sylvain

Looks to be coming from the fire in the sky.