AOA Scal A? E? ...r Another thing about Fixed Pitch. If we omit the
3 lines Beta Max, min…when re-synchronizing, the plane comes from the sky
before being ready on ground.

Sorry not the good video. I upload it again.

The good one:

Sorry, it s my fault. I realize the bad lines we enter stay in memory and come
back again in flightmodel.cfg.

If you solved you can delete the main question and this will be removed. Or
you can mark answered from this answer I just wrote.

How to delete it ? Thank you. PLease another question about flying backwards
with my helico, i could simply do it before the last updates and physics, and
now it seems no more possible with a standard aircraft model. The aircraft
always dives from the noze when starting to stall, do you thnk i could fly
backwards again ? There is a problem. When saving & resynch, and
then when the line is added in the flightmodel.cfg, the helico doesn t take
off any more. So when the line is added, it doesn t act the same way without
the line AND the same value.

After a few tests, i think the initialization value is around 2 and not 6 as
written in th AE. By default, when enabling modern propeller, the indicated
value is 6, i think it should be 2.

About Fixed pitch/Save&Resynch; and the 3 lines: Beta min,max,cruise. Sometimes , clicking on restart after
save&resynch; solves the issue, but not always. Adding these 3 lines solves
the issue from “coming up the sky”.

Hello again, is there a threshold value to trigger the stall warning event ?
Because sometimes my wings are red and no sound. (The audio event sound works
with another aircraft geometry) I know i didn t use debug sim forces in this