Hello, A quick question that should be easy. If I want to set the autopilot
V/S in feet per minute, what is the difference between the
AP_VS_VAR_SET_ENGLISH and AP_VS_SET events? I saw that setting V/S through
AP_VS_VAR_SET_ENGLISH allows only multiple of 50, is it the same for
AP_VS_SET? Thanks.

I think I understood: AP_VS_VAR_SET_ENGLISH sets the value for the target
vertical speed to be used by the autopilot while AP_VS_SET engages the V/S
mode. Am I right?

Hello @ericmarciano Yes, that’'s right. You also have AP_VS_VAR_SET_METRIC if
you want to set it in meters/min Regards, Sylvain

I have the same question AP_VS_VAR_SET_ENGLISH … where do I read that value
(from the FCU)