Apron bugs with new update - happening since early build

I have 2 bugs happening in the sim since Update V and the Early Build. I sent
emails to microsoft during the early build to report these and other bugs but
never got a response, and apparently these were not fixed before the final
release. Is there a private forum where we could have reported these?

  1. Apron is drawing above “runway” or taxiways. I open the project in the SDK and looks fine but once built the bug reappears
  2. I have noticed some of the aprons are showing grass/vegetation. Vegetation is excluded and there is a polygon around it excluding it as well.

I re

I have apron issues as well but not sure if it is like this. Are your bitmap
thumbnail previews accurate on your material box? Mine are out of wack,
although they export correctly when in dev mode its completely inaccurate,
almost like an artifact.

Same problem here

This happens to me when my Material Lib asset director is set to a relative
link (it was fine in SU4). To work around this issue, I need to re select my
MaterialLib folder by clicking the asset directory button, you will notice
this adds a C:\ in front of the address. After this is done and saved then
everything “loads fine”. However you cant make a new material since you don’t
have the asset library loaded. If you need new materials I would add them when
they are all “screwed up” with a relative asset directory link (you can only
do this by editing the definitions.xml) and then re-select the MaterialLib
folder after you’ve made your new materials so it adds a C:\.

I fixed it this way: 1. Both aprons (grass and asphalt had priority 0. I
increased the asphalt apron priority. 2. The texture material for the small
apron rectangle had “undefined” as its type in the properties. I changed it to

So that’s not a bug, that is just the creative process and just making it