Aprons discrepancy between final package and scenery editor

Hi, I’m having weird issues with aprons color in this specific airport,
already tried other material, new package with only 1 apron inside, also other
ICAO; The only positive result so far is when I built the package using
fictional ICAO on that location, the issue was gone. There is some aprons
color discrepancy between final package and scenery editor. Final Package with
correct ICAO:

Scenery Editor
with correct ICAO: Final
Package with fictional ICAO:
The test was made with current product package available on Marketplace, also
new package with only one apron inside. The color dispreancy occurs with all
aprons, no matter if is default Asobo material or custom material. Package
sent in private comment. Thanks a lot!

If the addon package was starred, you can’t override it, as far as I know.

Thanks rhumbaflappy, that’s not the case case, unfortunately.

I had an idea I tried at KTEX. It’s a starred airport that comes as an Asobo
World update, I think. I used aprons as you indicated with the same results.
Then I tried polygons… they are not part of the airport definition. They
showed as expected:

Check if this could possibly be related to this issue I reported here:
https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/3792 Which more than jetways, seems
to be problem with the various Delete commands in general, in which an airport
supposed to delete something, cannot if if another package covering the same
airport has already placed its own exclusions, UNLESS you remove the
CONTENT.XML file before each start, in that case everything works as expected.
Try to remove the CONTENT.XML, if it fixes the problem for you, than it’s the
same issue. I opened the thread in January during SU8 Beta, the bug has been
confirmed, but the fix still didn’t make it in SU9, let’s hope it will for

Hello @leonardomoreira , An issue has been opened in our side and we will
investigate, Thanks for reporting Regards, Boris

Thanks a lot!

Hi, Thanks for the tips! Tried remove all “delete options”, exclude
Content.Xml, SceneryIndexes, also new package with only 1 apron and no delete
options. No success so far, but I agree with you, this definitely started
after SU8. Thanks for your time!

“Starring” an airport shouldn’t have anything to do with being able to
override it, no? What’s important for overriding a package is its order in the
content.xml, it HAS to come after the package it’s trying to override. We as
users really, really, really need a tool for editing the order of the
content.xml file like we used to have. Deleting it every time is not enough.

Hello @leonardomoreira , This has been fixed for the next SU10 update Regards,

Do we think this will be available in the SU10 Beta or only with an SDK

The SDK is independent of the game. The devmode is however integrated in the
build, so yes, it is already available in the SU10 beta. Regards, Boris

So last night I updated the 2 world updates for USA and then started having an
issue where the coloration of aprons in Scenery Editor and outside of Dev Mode
weren’t the same again. All aprons got REALLY bright, and weren’t seeming to
match their RGB values. Now even when I load the sim this seems to be the
case, even after sim and system restarts. Any ideas what could be causing this
all of a sudden?