Are there any common reasons why a user created airport won't show up on the map?

I have been working on putting some weather ships into 2020 since the DC-6
came out, and on several occasions I have had it to where the ships +
corresponding navaid appear in the simulator, but I’m also including a water
runway and have them selected to appear as starred airports on the map. For a
while this worked fine as I was working, then I had a cycle where they
wouldn’t appear and then after a few hours and a computer restart they
appeared, and now they won’t appear at all. Crazy thing is, if I send them to
people they appear. Anyone have any ideas? Community folder versions are here
in case this helps: I can
share the project folders too if needed.

I’ve had newly created non sim airports fail to show up in a file with
multiple airports in the same xml. Maybe they do show up eventually but I
can’t be bothered to wait. Instead I just create a new project, transfer all
the info across and build. So far every new addition’s turned up first time

Hello. We have a few issues with the order in which the scenery packages are
loaded at the moment. The game is also generating cache scenery files that can
become a problem when the content of the Community folder changes. We have
ways to fix this in the pipes at the moment but in the meantime, here’s what I
can offer: Go to your C:\Users\ \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight
directory and clear the following - Content.xml file storing
the order in which packages are loaded - Facilities directory, storing
cache about radionavigation and airport facilities - SceneryIndexes
directory, storing cache about scenery objects Hope this solves your problem
and we will be able to provide a cleaner solution shortly. Regards, Sylvain