Are there any maximum speed limitations in MSFS?

Are there any maximum speed limitations in MSFS that prevent developers from building aircraft that acceleration to Mach 25?

Such a thing would hardly be an “aircraft”. It certainly could not use any of the normal types of engines that the sim support. And wings and aerodynamic control surfaces would be irrelevant. By overriding most of the simulator engine and directly just setting the speed and direction of the vehicle (from WASM or something) one could probably build a such. But why?


Yes you can


Hello @runshotgun,

Thank you. Where there any issues going at this speed? Did the cloud textures load correctly? How was the performance?


That will depend on the computer, Internet connection and how far from the ground you are.

Did you notice any issues while you were testing at this speed?

Not really… If you manage to make an aircraft fly straight at Mach 25, shouldn’t be an issue

Thank you. There is research out there that provides equations to estimate control surface effectiveness in hypersonic vehicles at hypersonic speeds. That information should give me a start point for MSFS controllability.

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