Assign Alternator to Helicopter MGB instead of Engine or APU

Multi-engine helicopters may have their generators assigned to the main
transmission, not the engine shaft. Currently an alternator may be assigned to
an engine (iEng) or APU (isOnAPU). Would it be possible to have something like
isOnMGB, which assigns the input rpm to the NR instead of the engine rpm?

Bumping this since it was ignored.

The feature is used for a backup (emergency) generator by Airbus in their H160 which is now available in MSFS.

Adding my vote to this as well.
This isn’t just for multi-engine helicopters, but for some single engines ones as well. Having some additional flexibility about where a specific generator / alternator is drawing it’s mechanical input would be appreciated.

Also, there’s some logical inconsistencies present. Although we can only define an engine-powered generator as being connected to the engine, it does produce voltage if/when the rotor starts turning on ground while the engine is off.

Having the additional flag option to connect it to rotor rpm should also then allow the gen to only produce electricity if the rotor is turning; while if it’s connected to the engine, it would only produce electricity if the engine is turning (and although engine turning == rotor turning, rotor turning != engine turning…).

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