Autopilot Glideslope PID and Laymens Terms for understanding

Hello Flying Raccoon! I hope all is well in France. I have a quick question.
Can you possibly tell me the basic meaning of these PID settings for
Glideslope? I did read through the PID Primer in the SDK, which left me with
more questions. It was over my head. But perhaps, I wondered, Sylvain might be
able to explain it in a more understandable way. glideSlopePID = 7.5, 0.05,
2.8, 2.0, 60.0 This is from the SDK…

Could one be ‘delay’? Could one
be speed of reaction? Its like its coded and my poor brain is just unable to
decipher it. My humble apologies. Bill LHC

Hello @lyonhaart001 This is described in the type column here:
Regards, Sylvain

Roger that. That is what I found also. I’ll keep looking into it. Many thanks
Sylvain. Very much appreciate it. Bill LHC