Autopilot not flying STAR > approach

I’m encountering this issue when attempting to fly a STAR approach which has
been selected in the MSFS flight planner (i.e. Departure > SID > Enroute >
STAR > Destination auto-populated by the sim). The aircraft (tested
with a few different types) has navigation hold mode engaged with NAV/GPS set
to GPS. The autopilot correctly tracks the SID and enroute phases but as per
the topic above, tracks directly to the destination upon reaching the last
waypoint in the STAR, rather than transitioning to the selected approach. The
magenta line on the nav map turns into a dashed line. The only solution that
I’ve found so far is to manually direct-to the first approach waypoint using
something like the PMS50 GTN 750. I’m triggering the autopilot event IDs from
within a WASM gauge in case that makes any difference.

Following… this would be an important fix… lots of people complain about the
AP behaviour for SIDs and STARS and come back at us thinking we 3rd party
developers have done something wrong… Best, Raul

Hello @MartynJF , To help me reproduce and understand this issue, can you tell
me: - Your flight plan - Aircrafts you tested Regards, Boris

Hi Boris. Chris (WT) mentioned that he’d been tasked to investigate and I sent
him all the relevant info to pass on. Let me know if you still need it.

Hello. There’s a loophole in our design. Some of the calls you need to
interact with the flight plan management system are only available through the
JS api. This is something we need to change and that is already being
discussed. In the meantime: - first, you can try to set an active waypoint
index that is higher than the length of the enroute flight plan. We are not
100% sure about this but reading that piece of code, that seems to be one of
the ways to switch to approach mode - if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to
create a dedicated JS gauge to do the flight plan management Let us know if
that first suggestion works. Regards, Sylvain