Autopilot on ground

Hello, Using the Asobo 747 and A320, I noticed the autopilot cannot be engaged
on the ground. Pressing the CMD button (in 747) or AP1(in A320) has no effect,
which is confirmed with the SimVar Watcher: the AUTOPILOT MASTER simvar value
is always 0. On the other hand, it works fine with the Cessna Caravan, I can
activate the AP on ground, the light runs on and the simvar is set to 1,
everything is OK. I can’t understand this difference. Of course I saw the
min_feet_for_ap setting in systems.cfg, but for all these planes it is not
defined, which means it takes the default value of -1000, which menas it is
disabled. To make sure, I added the line: min_feet_for_ap=-1000 in my aircraft
systems.cfg and it didn’t change anything, the autopilot still can’t be
activated on the ground. Do you have any explanation? Did I miss something?
Thank you.

Hello @ericmarciano In systems.cfg , you also want to look for
min_flight_time_for_ap which is set to 5 seconds for the A320 for example.
Regards, Sylvain

Indeed, that did the trick. It now works as expected. Thanks again for your
great help !!

Now that it works, I have another question about the autopilot on ground: Is
there a way the autopilot can steer the aircraft on the ground while keeping
the wings level? (this is for automatic rollout mode) What I saw since now is
the autopilot using mainly the ailerons to make the aircraft turn, which is
not appropriate when rolling on the ground… Thanks.

I saw rudderGroundPID in ai.cfg is supposed to adjust controls on the
ground to stay on the centerline when using autopilot control, but I don’t
know how to activate this control mode.

No, we don’t have any AP mode for this at the moment. The rudderGroundPID will
only apply to runway centerline.