Bad Terraforming in TIN /Photogrammetry areas

This one is quite hard to explain so I’ve made a video that should show the
differences between terraforming inside and outside of TIN areas. Its
impossible to get good results if your airport location is inside one of these
areas. Terrain rips apart and spikes. Feedback is also very slow. Is this normal currently? Any
way to remove the adverse effects on the terrain in these areas? Will it be
fixed in the future? At the moment my choices are either flat coastlines, a
complete mess or some 3ds max terrain which isn’t ideal either. Anyone from
Asobo explain the logic behind this please? On a similar note, CGL isn’t
working over TIN which is infuriating. This forces a projected mesh to be used
for an aerial which isn’t the best for quality results. Plus Aprons can’t
render on top of Projected Meshes. Please consider at least rendering Aprons
on top of Pro Meshes… Cheers.

Same problem here.

Hello @Diego_Costa @runwaypimp That’s an known issue caused by the fact the
TIN mesh resolution is too low to perform terraforming correctly. This is in
our backlog and we plan to address this. Regards, Sylvain

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Hi, any news on this?

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