Behaviors Debug - has interaction defined but doesn't use IE - warning explain please

I use an ASOBO template - but I get a warning (assume because yellow text)
Node ELECTRICAL_SWITCH_BREAKER_AVFAN has interaction defined but doesn’t use
InputEvents. I have a number of these warnings/errors, how do I get rid of
them? my interior xml code (A:BREAKER AVNFAN, Bool) if{ ‘AVNFAN - Open’
(F:Format) } els{ ‘AVNFAN - Closed’ (F:Format) } True True Circuit_Breakers

Hello @DA40CGDFQ , can you show me a screenshot of the issue please ?

ASOBO templates plus my own.

Hello @DA40CGDFQ , The input events are not implemented on the circuit
breaker, so you will always see this message. For Handling Switch Elevator
Trim, I used the default template and I don’t see this warning (SU10) I My
guess is that an input event is missing in your custom template Regards, Boris

Ok thanks