Best workflow for importing from blender?

Any tips on the best way of importing objects from Blender to MSFS? The
workflow I’ve been following is: 1. Create object in Blender 3.3.x 2. Use
the Asobo exporter tool in blender. 3. Create a project (model library) in
MSFS 4. Place the exported files from the export tool into the appropriate
folder in PackageSouces folder of the .lib file. 5. Restart MSFS and open the
.lib project and then attempt to rebuild the .lib with the new items. (but
this invariably ends in a CTD at the moment - so looking for another way of
doing it without using my own scenery library) 6. Quit out of MSFS and
transfer built packages to community 7. Restart MSFS, open the project and
bring in the scenery objects from my library. It all feels incredibly
cumbersome and I’m wondering if there are better ways of achieving it and also
if I can put the custom scenery object directly into my project without
relying on a library? I’m very new at this!

.lib files? Those are not in the msfs filesystem 0. Create a project in the
game, with a modelLib AssetGroup (to host ALL your models), and a BGL
assetgroup (to place them) This is one time only per each project… 1. Create
the object (objects) in blender 2. Export with Asobo Exporter inside the
modelLib (the project creates the main folder for you, you can export all your
models in the modellib or you can use subfolders-inside the modellib -for each
of them) 3. Press build all in your project 4. If no errors, load the BGL
AssetGroup in the editor (with the inspector, load in editor) and place the
object/objects There is no back and forth, and the community step is needed
only when you are not working with the Devmode. Unless you plan to make a
Model Library ONLY, the steps above are the only one needed. If step 3
fail,look at the console, your model can have errors or your texture can be
non compliant. Once the base project is created,.you can close the game and
compile with the fspackagetool.exe, It is included in the SDK core files-copy
it to your project folder and drag and drop the project .XML onto the exe, it
will compile all your files and is usually more verbose and less picky that
the “build all” in game.


Thanks very much. Very helpful. The flow I was following was based on a
YouTube tutorial, which was helpful, but was focused on putting the models
into a model library. Build All in the SDK = CTD for me unless first build of
a new project. The package tool will dodge that problem I hope, Kind regards B